Benefits Of Soft Water

  Investing in a Aquamouli water treatment solution is simply one of the best things you can do for your home. With a Aquamouli water solution, you’ll get better drinking water for your family and softer working water for your home.

  •  Save money on electricity & heating cost, soaps & detergents, water, medical cost, replacement of pipes and other appliances, with one year pay back period on the expense of the softener.
  •  Soft water, lime scale build up is eliminated in solar water heaters, geysers etc. Lime scale is a poor conductor of electricity. Thus, the appliances consume less electricity to heat water, reducing power consumption by approximately 30%. Heaters also last longer with higher efficiency, with reduced repair and replacement cost.
  • Soap is less effective in hard water because its reacts to form the calcium or magnesium salt of the organic acid of the soap. When your water is soft, you thus use less soap & detergents. Also, clothes are brighter & last longer if they are washed in soft water since minerals that cause stains & deposits are filtered out of your water during softening. Washing machine will do a better job washing your clothes with soft water.
  • Hard water forms a layer of mineral in the wash basins, water closets, tiles, flooring, etc. Thus, to maintain the look and functionality of all these fittings, one has to use a lot of cleaning agents, and water. Also, in water closets, sometimes one ends up flushing multiple times, because the mineral layer holds on to solid particles. WIth soft water, the appliances maintain the look, thus reducing the need of frequent cleaning, and multiple flushes.
  • Soft water allows the natural oils to of the skin and hair to remain after wash, where hard water covers it by mineral buildup. Thus, your skin and hair stays softer and healthier, and also reduces skin problems, hair fall and irritations. 
  •  All water appliances, such as kitchen gadgets, bathroom fittings, bathtub, jaccuzi, shower panels, taps, faucets etc, will retain shine, look as new and last longer, due to lower mineral build -up.
  • Elimination of scaling in the water pipes, avoids replacement of pipes due to clogging. This also helps in maintaining the water pressure. 
  • Save time and energy cleaning your house. Scrubbing floors tiles, will be easier and faster as you won't have a film and soap scum that hard water creates.


 Discover all of the ways soft water will make life better all around your home, with Aquamouli.