Welcome to Aquamouli


    Water, that sustains day-to-day life, can also give you some big headaches if it happens to be hard. Water hardness is primarily because of the dissolved salts in the water – mostly calcium & magnesium. When these salts are removed from hard water it becomes “soft.” Our equipment helps you to achieve this at a miniscule operating cost.

 We, at AQUAMOULI endeavour to provide you with an enduring, dependable, environment friendly water softening solution, at the lowest operating cost.

 Our solutions can be used in any type of setting, where hard water is a hinderance to living. We have successfully installed our solutions in residences, apartment blocks, hotels, restauraunts, hospitals, commercial complexes, industrial buildings etc.

 Our solutions are installed only after expert analysis of the water source & inspection of the site only. The equipment and the salt mix is customized for your water source, and your needs specifically.