Our Work

 ·         We strongly believe that "One solution fits all" approach does not work for water Softening.

  •      We provide a solution only after

o    a thorough, expert analysis of the water, (from a third party) and,

o    a site visit to take into consideration the location of source of water, over-head tank,piping layout design, and install at a location on site to customers final comfort.

  •          We are the only company to design and offer the “apt” softeners to balance the water hardness, regeneration cycle and water consumption. 
  •        Our equipment requires a simple installation process, which can be adapted to existing as well as new buildings.
  •        Our equipment can be installed in any setting, be it residential, hospitality, commercial, or industrial.
  •         We encourage our customers to visit any nearby installation to get a working idea of the equipment, and the usage, before finalising the installation.